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      The In-patient Department provides services to patients who have been admitted to the hospital for at least 6 hours and have been diagnosed and recommended by a physician to receive inpatient care. The department consists of medical specialists and multidisciplinary teams of health professionals who are well trained to provide consultation services and integrated care. Other services include specialized care and treatment of critically ill patients or those at risk of complications that require close monitoring, as well as transfer of patients to another hospital with more advanced care, in a safe and timely manner and in accordance with professional standards.



      Open daily, 24 hours a day

Contact Information 

      In-patient Department, 5th, 6th, and 7th Floor, Chiangmai Hospital

      Telephone : 053 225 222

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Dental Crown Promotion

Dental Treatment Programs

Dental Crown Promotion

"Restore a Beautiful Smile... Confidence in the New Year Dental Crown Promotion Starting at 10,000 Baht per crown Benefits of getting dental crowns Convenient usage, securely attached to teeth, no worries about them coming off during conv
10,000 Baht
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Office Syndrome Promotion with physical therapy

Physical Therapy Programs

Office Syndrome Promotion with physical therapy

Promotion for Office Syndrome with Physical Therapy Ultrasound Pain Reduction with Heat Waves Price per session: 500.- THB Special Offer Buy 5 sessions and get 1 session free (Price: 2,500.- THB) Office Syndrome Package Special Price: 999.- TH
500 Baht
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Basic Health Check Promotion

Health Check-up Programs

Basic Health Check Promotion

Check Your Health with Confidence at a Pocket-friendly Price MID YEAR SALE Basic Health Check Promotion Starting Price: 400 Baht Starting with 4 examinations: Physical Examination (PE) Chest X-ray Complete Urinalysis (UA) Comple
400 Baht
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