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      The Long-Stay Care Service provides long-term care for chronically ill patients, bed-ridden patients, and elderly patients. Additionally, the department offers short-term and long-term recovery and rehabilitation services to both competent and incompetent patients who are recovering from an illness or surgery, as well as palliative care for dignified death. To deliver the best possible care and services, the department features a comprehensive spectrum of facilities and amenities along with a team of physicians, nurses, and multidisciplinary health professionals who are available 24 hours a day.



      Open daily, 24 hours a day

Contact Information 

      Long-Stay Care Service, 7th Floor, Chiangmai Hospital

      Telephone : 053 225 222

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Promotion

Dental Treatment Programs

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Promotion

What will happen if wisdom teeth are not extracted Wisdom teeth easily accumulate bacteria due to their abnormal growth pattern. The consequences of leaving wisdom teeth untreated are as follows: Gum disease and periodontitis can easily occur due to f
1,500 Baht
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Herniorrhaphy Package

General Surgery Programs

Herniorrhaphy Package 2024

Hernia - Know it fast... Treat it promptly... with surgery "Hernia" can occur in both men and women and presents with the following symptoms: Lump or bulge in the front abdominal area. The lump or bulge may move in and out and can be painful or
69,000 Baht
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Influenza Vaccine Package - 4 Strains

Vaccine Programs

Influenza Vaccine Package - 4 Strains

Have you received the influenza vaccine this year? The influenza virus undergoes minor genetic changes every year, so it is recommended to get vaccinated annually to ensure sufficient immunity when exposed to the influenza virus and to protect yourself i
650 Baht
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