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      The Physical Therapy Department is fully equipped with advanced therapeutic and exercise equipment to deliver physical rehabilitation services to patients, specifically those with musculoskeletal disorders and neurological diseases, such as neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatica, cervicogenic headache, numbness in hands and feet, joint pain, tendinitis and myositis, and joint stiffness, as well as those suffering from an occupational injury or accident. The department also offers physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength for patients with paresis, paralysis, limb weakness, and physical developmental delay.



      Open Monday through Friday from 08.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Contact Information

      Physical Therapy Department, 2nd Floor, Chiangmai Hospital

      Telephone : 053 225 222

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Colon cleansing package

Complementary Medicine Programs and Herbal Products

Colon cleansing package

“Fatigue after a heavy party…detoxify with colon cleansing.” Colon cleansing package Price 1,500.- baht/time Special Buy 4 courses, pay only 3 times Special price 4,500.- baht from regular price of 6,000.- baht Benefits of colon cleansing
4,500 Baht
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Cataract Surgery Package

Cataract Surgery Packages

Cataract Surgery Package

"Blurry vision... Difficulty seeing clearly... Treatable." Cataract Surgery Package (Special Lens) Price: 28,000.- Baht/side Special Upgrade to a VIP room for an additional 1,000.- THB only. Fixed price payment including service fees, meals, a
28,000 Baht
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Dental X-ray service, starting price 100-600 baht

Dental Treatment Programs

Dental X-ray service, starting price 100-600 baht

“Dental x-rays for accurate and safe treatment” Dental x-ray package Starting price 100.- up to 600.- baht X-ray service X-ray (Periapical) X-ray (Bitewings) X-ray (OPG Full Mouth - bite wing) X-ray (Cephalogram) Note : From today -
100 Baht
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