6 Symptoms Associated with Office Syndrome

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12 Sep 2022

6 Symptoms Associated with Office Syndrome
       #OfficeSyndrome Office Syndrome is often found in office workers. Sitting and looking at a computer screen for a long time without moving or changing your posture can lead to muscle stiffness and muscle inflammation. Some common symptoms seen in people suffering from office syndrome:

  • Pain in a specific part of the muscle with often a wide spectrum of pain, unable to clearly point out the pain point or location, such as the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades
  • Chronic headaches, or sometimes migraine headaches, which are caused by stress or long-term use of the eyes
  • Chronic back pain is a common symptom in Office Syndrome patients because sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours or sitting in the wrong humpback position can cause the neck muscles to feel stiff and tight. Chronic back pain is also caused by long standing jobs, this especially is seen in women who wear high heels
  • Leg pain or numbness and numbness caused by sitting for a long time, causing the veins to be pressed and resulting in abnormal blood flow
  • Eye pain, blurry eyes due to having to look at the computer screen for a long time or use your eyes concentrating on a certain job for a long time
  • Numbness, trigger fingers, wrist pain caused by using the computer and holding the mouse in the same position for a long period of time. This can cause the muscles to press on the nerves and tendons until they become inflamed, causing fibrosis and have peripheral neuropathy or what we call ‘trigger wrist’

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      #Treatment There are many ways to treat office syndrome, whether it’s medication, work environment adjustment, physical therapy, exercise to treat pain or alternative therapy such as acupuncture, Thai massage, etc.
      However, people with office syndrome should consult a doctor to determine the cause of the condition and exclude other complications in order to find the right treatment.

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