How Do You Act When You Are Around Someone With Depression?

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09 Sep 2022
How Do You Act When You Are Around Someone With Depression?
      #Depression is not just a symptom of mental weakness but a physical illness. A healthy person cannot fully feel what a sick person does. How can we care for someone close to us who is depressed especially if we want to understand them him/her as much as possible? Here's a quick summary of do’s and dont’s

#What to do
  • Invite the patient to get up and do something active, such as practicing mild sports, playing games, or creating art. These activities will reduce the patient’s worrying and despair
  • Listen with attention and a calm attitude without being persuasive or drawing conclusions, because people suffering from depression sometimes believe they are a burden to others. If we want the patient to express his/her feelings, we must give him/her the confidence that someone wants to listen without pushing or judging

#What to avoid

  • Do not tell the patient to go to the temple to listen to the Dharma or to relax his/her mind if you are not around because the patient would feel helpless, annoyed, and abandonned, and he/she will distance even more
  • If the patient mentions not wanting to live anymore, don’t ignore him/her or don’t say things such as ‘don’t overthink it’ or ‘don’t think anything insane’ because it will make him/her suffer not being taken seriously
  • If the patient has not improved, do not put pressure on him/her because that will only increase stress and disappointment. When symptoms are just starting to improve, stressors would only slow down the healing or make the situation worse again

ENG (8).png
      We should always try to help the patient by approaching him/her, by listening attentively and by accompanying him/her to the psychiatrist. If someone depressed tells you he/she does not want to live anymore or will hurt himself, don’t leave him/her alone.

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