3 Essential Vaccines for Seniors

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16 Sep 2022
Have you injected yet? 3 Essential Vaccines for Seniors
      Who said the #elderly no longer needed to be vaccinated? In fact, many vaccinations do not guarantee lifelong disease protection. As an elderly or senior, it is important to be vaccinated. This is because with age, your immune system weakens, making it more difficult for you to fight off infections. Today, we'd like to discuss three vaccines recommended for elderly people:
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  • The Vaccine that protects against four different types of influenza. (Influenza Vaccines)
    Flu infections, in general, do not cause severe symptoms. Patients will heal on their own within 3-5 days of the infection. Elderly people and persons with underlying medical issues on the other hand, are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms that worsen consequences of the infection and necessitate hospitalization. In some cases it can be fatal.
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine
    Pneumococcus causes infections of the respiratory tract, including otitis media, sinusitis, and pneumonia. Pneumococcus can also produce severe invasive infections, which are a leading cause of death in the elderly. Invasive pneumococcal infections are more common in older people than in young ones. As a result, vaccination can help to lessen the severity of the disease.
  • Herpes Zoster Vaccine
    Shingles are caused by the VZV virus, which is also responsible for chickenpox. The VZV virus remains in your body after you have recovered from chickenpox. Shingles appear as the body weakens and immunity declines, with clusters of transparent blisters followed by burning pain along the nerves which for elderly people can be fatal.

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