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      The Eesthetic Clinic offers a comprehensive array of skin rejuvenation therapies and treatments such as skin tightening, dark spot removal, and other treatments that help improve self-confidence. Our treatment procedures are performed using aesthetic equipment and cosmetic products through which patients can “enhance natural beauty in absolute safety with hospital-standard care” provided by our team of experienced dermatologists and aestheticians.



      Open every Wednesday from 08.00 - 12.00 hrs. with Dr. Warit Pisithkul as the on-duty doctor.

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      Eesthetic Clinic, 2nd Floor, front building (4-storey), Chiangmai Hospital

      Telephone : 053 225 222

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Cataract surgery package 2024

Cataract Surgery Packages

Cataract surgery package 2024

Cataracts pose a risk of "blindness" Cataracts, if left untreated, can lead to complications! When cataracts mature and are not surgically treated, they may lead to secondary cataracts due to swollen lenses or leaking protein lenses, blocking the e
38,000 Baht
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Herniorrhaphy Package

General Surgery Programs

Herniorrhaphy Package 2024

Hernia - Know it fast... Treat it promptly... with surgery "Hernia" can occur in both men and women and presents with the following symptoms: Lump or bulge in the front abdominal area. The lump or bulge may move in and out and can be painful or
69,000 Baht
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Promotion

Dental Treatment Programs

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Promotion

What will happen if wisdom teeth are not extracted Wisdom teeth easily accumulate bacteria due to their abnormal growth pattern. The consequences of leaving wisdom teeth untreated are as follows: Gum disease and periodontitis can easily occur due to f
1,500 Baht
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