How to manage Office Syndrome to prevent it from becoming chronic?

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07 May 2024
How to manage Office Syndrome to prevent it from becoming chronic?

      Office Syndrome, the prevalent ailment among modern office workers, often stems from prolonged periods of sedentary behavior, with individuals sitting at their desks for hours without movement or breaks to change posture throughout the day. This leads to a cluster of muscular discomforts. Symptoms of Office Syndrome typically start with feelings of stiffness and soreness in the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. While massages may provide temporary relief, symptoms tend to return over time, worsening if left unaddressed. So, how can we effectively manage chronic Office Syndrome?

  • Adjust the work environment, including computer screen levels, and choose ergonomic desks and chairs suitable for body proportions.
  •  Avoid prolonged sitting and take breaks every 30-60 minutes to stretch and prevent muscle stiffness.
  • Regular exercise to promote physical fitness.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a rehabilitation medicine physician for assessment, treatment, or physical therapy, and follow their exercise recommendations properly.

      Although Office Syndrome isn't life-threatening, it can significantly impact daily life quality. The best approach to address it is through medical consultation to identify underlying causes and adopting lifestyle changes to mitigate risk factors associated with Office Syndrome.

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