5 ways to cope with the "hot weather"

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21 Apr 2024

5 ways to cope with the "hot weather"

      The hot season has arrived in Thailand, especially during the month of April. This intense heat can have an impact on infants, the elderly, as well as those who enjoy exercising or have to work outdoors, leading to potential health issues or exacerbating existing conditions.

Heatstroke, or hyperthermia, occurs when

      the body becomes overheated, resulting in a body temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius. This affects the circulatory and brain systems, and without proper and timely care, it can lead to cardiac arrest and even death.

Recognizable initial symptoms of heatstroke include:
  • Fatigue, weakness, headaches, dizziness
  • Sudden intense body heat, rapidly increasing body temperature
  • Pores closing, no sweating
  • Confusion, sluggishness, hallucinations
  • Shaking, rapid breathing, muscle cramps
  • Red, dry skin
  • Some individuals may experience seizures and loss of consciousness
Here are 5 ways to cope with the hot weather :
  • Drink plenty of water : The hot weather can cause the body to become weak and lose water easily. Therefore, it's important to drink water regularly to maintain body moisture and reduce symptoms such as weakness and nausea.
  • Focus on eating well-cooked and fresh food : Properly cooked food can help reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, as improperly cooked or fresh food may contain bacteria and viruses, making it easier to get infections.
  • Maintain body temperature :  Hot weather can cause the body to feel weak and sweat more. To maintain body temperature, take cool showers or use a damp cloth to wipe your face and body.
  • Reduce strenuous exercise : Avoid engaging in heavy exercise or activities that require a lot of energy, as the hot weather may cause the body to struggle to dissipate heat and oxygenate properly, leading to fatigue. Consider lighter activities such as jogging or yoga in cooler times.
  • Wear appropriate clothing : If you're in a hot environment, choose lightweight and breathable clothing that isn't too tight to help maintain a balanced body temperature.

      Additionally, extremely hot weather can lead to irritability and stress due to discomfort. If possible, avoid heavy outdoor work during peak sun hours. Hot weather can increase body temperature and may cause heat stroke. However, you can try implementing these 5 methods for good health in hot weather and staying away from illnesses.



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