7 reasons to have pre-employment health check-up

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01 Mar 2023

7 reasons to have pre-employment health check-up

      Pre-employment health check-up is a necessity for many companies to reassure the company that employees are well prepared for their health at work for the overall safety of people working together. Today we have 7 reasons to have a health check before going to work.

  • It is a preliminary screening because the health of the employees contributes to the efficiency of the work.
  • Good effect on the organization in complying with laws or government regulations
  • Helps to enhance a good image for the organization, especially for services that require meeting people or providing services that may affect the health of service recipients.
  • Reduce the risk of contagious disease with colleagues within the organization
  • Helps organizations save on employee medical expenses
  • Employees know their health conditions and health risks.
  • Human Resources can plan overall health for employees.

      Pre-employment health check-up and a medical certificate to confirm before starting work is something that many organizations adhere to due to job suitability, organizational culture or compliance with labor and public health laws. The pre-employment health check-up of those who have passed the job application before joining work has a positive effect on the organization and the employees.

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