7 good things just by chewing food thoroughly

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27 Feb 2024
7 good things just by chewing food thoroughly

      Have you ever noticed how many times you chew your food? For most people, chewing food is a reflexive action that occurs without much awareness or may even be a habit. As soon as food enters the mouth, you chew and swallow, sometimes too quickly, especially when rushing or eating on the go. But did you know how beneficial thorough chewing can be for your health? Today, we have 7 great reasons why chewing your food thoroughly is important:

  • Enhanced nutrient and energy absorption from food.
  •  Better weight control, as slow eating can lead to eating less.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Reduced issues like bloating, indigestion, and constipation.
  • Stronger teeth, as chewing exercises the bones supporting them.
  • Decreased excess bacteria lingering in the intestines.
  • More enjoyable eating experience with heightened taste.

      You'll see that maintaining robust health isn't as challenging as it seems. Simply paying attention to small details, like thorough chewing, can make a significant difference. However, the number of times you chew depends on the type and texture of the food. It's best to eat while relaxed, avoiding eating while running, walking, working, or watching TV, which can lead to rushed chewing.


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